Welcome to snorkelbob.com and the best masks, fins and snorkels in the world. You want to make reservations here for your Hawaii adventure too? Worry not!

My masks, fins and snorkels come from decades of testing in the largest research facility on Planet E. YES! I, Snorkel Bob, learned what to do from 3 million snorkelers through the 80's and 90's and 00’s. These mask skirts are crystal silicone—surgical grade! I, Snorkel Bob, can spend a clam or 2 more and STILL build cheaper than the mass producers—like, say, U.S. Divers building for Costco. Do you really want to snort seawater and call it economical? Or would you rather have a mask that won’t yellow, that will stay soft as silk and snug your mug with hardly an oz of pressure?

Did I, Snorkel Bob, mention high-density polymers, no pvc, compression-molded sub-frames (c-m s-f) and Optic spherosis  (Os)? AND I, Snorkel Bob’ll warrant these masks for 2 years (save your receipt). At 2 feet or 200, the SUMO™, SEAMO™, MIDMO™, SEAMO BETTA™ and LI'L MO BETTA™ top the modality graphs. NOBODY GIVES YOU MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK THAN ME, SNORKEL BOB! THESE MASKS WILL OUTLIVE YOU, EVEN IF YOU DON'T DROWN!

MOFLEX™ Fins are simply the best performing snorkel fins anywhere. And the patent pending MoflO2™ Snorkel feels like breathing in a forest compared to the stuffy elevator available with any other snorkel. I, Snorkel Bob, have no receptionist, no water cooler, no secretary and no dictation. It's only her, Catfish, and me, Snorkel Bob, getting it right with real value for you.

NOTE: Name brands sell at discount stores cheap as dirt, but it’s garbage. Go to the top on any brand, and you’ll see pricing 20-40% higher than here—for tribute. Phooey, say I, SB. But enough of the nay say. Here is THE BEST from the only snorkel gear builder in the world a mere step & a stumble from the ching ch ching to the reef. Now who’s gonna know what works and what won’t?

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