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No kidding, and no lip service either. I, Snorkel Bob, can get you great fun at a great price. Your snorkel gear is only the beginning.

Remember: Only I, Snorkel Bob, enjoy an 82.7% market slice, and Snorkel Bobbers say they come to me, Snorkel Bob because they either

A) have been Snorkel Bobbers since way back when or
went elsewhere but saw the light or
were strenuously encouraged by friends and neighbors to trust me, Snorkel Bob.

Why? Because I, Snorkel Bob, deliver on the whole low down, not to mention the goods as described.

I, Snorkel Bob, give you the very bestest for the very leastest.

Open 8-5 Every Day, including Christmas and Tu'b Shevat.




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